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Write Up

8 Weeks to Step Up Your Writing Career

Write Up is an eight-week group coaching program to launch your writing career to new heights

You’ll be part of a cohort of writers who are passionate, talented, and ready to ascend to that next rung on the ladder of writing career dreams—whether that means landing a byline at a glossy national pub, getting a copywriting job for a high-paying corporate client, being assigned regular stories so you don’t have to scramble quite so often…or all of the above. All writers - novelists, ghostwriters, bloggers, technical writers, and anyone who writes - are welcome!

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Hi! I’m Hannah, and
I’ve loved to write
since forever.

Being a writer was my childhood dream. “You can’t make money as a writer,” and “That’s not a practical career” were things I heard a gazillion times, even from beloved writing teachers.

It took some risks, some time, and some hustle to prove them wrong. But…I did. And so can you.

Now, I’m a two-time bestselling author, an editor, a contributor to publications like New York Magazine and Bon Appetit, and a writing teacher and coach. I’m living my childhood dream. 12-year-old Hannah would be deeply proud.

How do I pull it off?

Last year, I made more money than I ever had before as a freelance writer. I work about 30 hours a week. I’m the mom of two little kids with a lot of sick days, random early pick-ups because someone has a mysterious cough, and snow days—we just had two snow days last week (big sigh). I also get in a nice long walk in most days, or maybe a coffee with a friend. I genuinely love my work, AND I don’t think it’s everything.

How do I pull it off? A mix of lucrative corporate clients and more creative juicy projects. A lot of planting seeds and putting myself out there. Clean copy and meeting deadlines. Research and passion. Lots of breaks.

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In this program, I’m going to teach you everything I wish I knew when I was starting out.

I’ll be joined by a rockstar lineup of guest teachers, like a former
New York Times editor and a literary agent. You'll also get one-on-one mentorship from me.

Why not you?

Think of all the words you see every day – from the words on webpages to the words on cereal boxes, from billboards to books. Words are everywhere! Somebody got paid to write those words. Why shouldn’t that somebody be me? Or you?

In the last several years, I’ve loved teaching and coaching writers. My students have landed their first pieces in Vogue, Condé Nast Traveler, and Eater. They’ve gotten on the regular roster of editors at prestigious publications and lucrative copywriting contracts at ad agencies. They’ve signed with literary agents and landed book deals. They’ve quit day jobs and doubled their freelance income.


“Hannah is an incredible teacher and coach. For the past few months I’ve felt like I had a super knowledgeable and passionate cheerleader on my side.” - Camila M Merino

Writing can be lonely - but no longer.

Writing can be lonely – but no longer. We’ll help you launch your freelance writing career or take your already thriving writing career to the next level.

We’ll give you concrete tools, like pitching, finding new clients, upping your rates (and what to charge in the first place) and planning for quarterly taxes.

We’ll give you some more big picture strategies, too, like getting out of a creative rut, creating rhythms that serve you and your work, building a writing community, and getting through that palm sweating weirdness of staring down a blank Word Doc.

Here’s what we’ll dig into:


(Re)connect with your why.

Shore up the roots that help your writing career grow and blossom. Write YOUR career story with serious main character energy.


Polish your portfolio.

Your portfolio shows off your skills. Create the best proof of your track record, writing words that matter.


Pitch like a pro.

Perfect your pitch. Dig into everything you need to know about pitching articles for digital and print publications.

Guest Teacher

Tim Herrera


Tim Herrera is the founder of Freelancing With Tim, a suite of educational resources designed to help journalists navigate the industry from generating story ideas and perfecting the pitch, to polishing up a longform narrative magazine feature and everything in between. He previously worked at The New York Times, where he helped launch and then edited the service journalism section Smarter Living. Before that he worked as a reporter and social media producer for The Washington Post. He graduated from NYU with degrees in journalism and anthropology.


Establish your authority.

Take a deep dive into your own interests and strengths. Start with your passions to develop your niche—then branch into new territory and take risks.

Hannah Selinger

Guest Teacher

Hannah Selinger


With over 15 years' experience in the field, Hannah covers divergent beats, including food, wine, travel, politics, lifestyle, real estate, and parenting. Her high-level print and digital content has appeared in a broad spectrum of notable national and international publications, including The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post, Travel + Leisure, and The Wall Street Journal.


Land lucrative corporate clients.

Bigger companies have more resources to pay you the big bucks for valuable work. Learn to connect with the right hiring managers.

Irene Malatesta

Guest Teacher

Irene Malatesta


Irene Malatesta is a marketing strategist focused on creativity, empathy, and inclusivity. Prior to founding her agency Elevate Content, she led thought leadership marketing at Adobe Stock and editorial content and communications for diverse startups in the tech, finance, and wellbeing industries in Silicon Valley.


Set up systems that work.

Carve out time for writing, research, and admin…plus time to rest and recharge. We’ll dig into the nitty gritty, like solutions for managing invoices, taxes, P&L, and deadlines.


Own your brand.

Share your work and your story with the world. Use social media and other digital platforms to connect with your readers and clients—and find new ones who love what you do.

Lauren Magenta

Guest Teacher

Lauren Magenta


Lauren Magenta owns Magenta media, a boutique creative studio with a focus on content and branding. She teaches women entrepreneurs how to tell their brand story on social media through her group Own Your Social.


Write up! Soar to new heights.

Create a game plan for the future. Take risks and try something new. Stay accountable, curious, and inspired.

Sally Ekus

Guest Teacher

Sally Ekus


Sally Ekus is a Senior Literary Agent at JVNLA where she spearheads The Ekus Group, a boutique culinary division specializing in cookbook and lifestyle titles. She represents a wide range of culinary, health, wellness, and lifestyle talent, from first-time cookbook authors to seasoned chefs, RDs, professional food writers, bloggers, online creators, and journalists. From concept to contract, she has brokered over 300 book deals with top publishers including Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Hachette, Simon & Schuster, and numerous indie publishers. Sally also hosts an online community called How to be a Cookbook Author where she posts a wide range of general publishing news, agency programing, and facilitates connections among the community.

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Any writer who is looking to take the next step in their career. You might be writing on the side and ready to quit your 9 – 5 and go for it as a full-time endeavor. Or maybe you’ve been a freelance writer for years, and you’re feeling a little stuck. This will benefit all kinds of writers – fiction, nonfiction, and all sorts of specialties. You’ll get mentorship, personalized support, a whole box of tools, and accountability.


Email [email protected] to set up a call or ask questions – or book a chat with me here.



They’ll all be recorded and sent your way so that you can catch up on your own time.

$1200 for the 8-week program.

Wednesdays 12 – 2 PM ET, April 10 – May 29

I won’t pressure you, but I’m happy to share more! Email [email protected] me to ask questions, or book a chat with me.

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